Meet The Expert Webinars

The Instiute of Muslim Mental Health proudly hosts a two part webinar series in which scholars share their expertise to community members and mental health professionals, respectively. The Meet the Expert-Public series is open to the public and features a clinician scholar who will provide a brief overview on his or her expertise then answer questions of registered participants. The Meet the Expert-Pro is intended for mental health professionals to be updated on the latest developments in the respective topics. 

Our next Meet the Expert webinar Thursday, May 31 is "Understanding Psychotherapy: Finding the Right Therapy and Beyond" featuring Dr. Lamise Shawahin. One webinar (8pm EST) will be for clinicians to hear about the culturally appropriate approaches to therapy with Muslim clients. The second webinar (8:45pm EST) will be open to the public to discuss general issues in talk therapy.

This webinar by Dr. Rania Awaad will discuss the mental health challenges faced by Muslim American communities, particularly around suicide, and how they shape help-seeking behaviors. Not only is there a research shortage on suicide amongst Muslims, but it is undoubtedly a sensitive topic in the Muslim community. This session will cover how to organize suicide prevention work, counsel Muslim patients with suicidal ideation, and organize suicide postvention community models.

Register here for the 6pm Meet the Expert-Professional (Clinicians Only) 

This webinar by Dr. Rania Awaad will discuss the mental health challenges faced by Muslim American communities, particularly around suicide and youth, in hopes to dispel and address any misconceptions. Dr. Awaad will cover identification strategies for community members to read signs that point towards suicidal thinking, while also covering how to reach out and provide proper support. This session will explain the roles of the clergy, mental health professionals, and community leadership all in hopes to create a balanced community resource net.

Register here for the 6:45 Meet the Expert-Public (All welcome)


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Online Courses

We have developed courses and models to train Imams, Islamic chaplains, and community leaders to recognize severe mental illness, refer to appropriate professionals, and offer basic supportive counseling. For more information of courses our members teach as well as other mental health professional provide see below:


Institution & Course



Hamada Altalib, DO, MPH Yale University & Institute for Muslim Mental Health Online cultural competency training. Continuing medical education credits (2.0 AMA Category 1 Credit) for physicians. Psychologists, social workers, and other professionals may acquire credit per their state licensure policies. ongoing

Hamada Altalib, DO, MPH &  Hooman Keshavarzi, PsyD

Mental Health from Islamic Tradition. Hartford Seminary

Online course may be taken as part of Masters degree program or may be audited  Spring 2015

Hooman Keshavarzi, PsyD

American Islamic College

Onsite program.   Pending

Hamada Altalib, DO, MPH

Intro Counseling Muslims. Bayan Claremont Institute

Hybrid Intensive Course. Ten days of live instruction and semester of online instruction. may be taken as part of Masters degree program or may be audited

 Winter 2018

Kameelah Mu'Min Rashad, M.Ed, MRPYC

Muslim Wellness Foundation

Mental Health First Aid workshops arranged with instructor  Variable

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Our broad vision is the long-term mental health and well-being of Muslim communities supported through preventative interventions and education which is accessible, culturally relevant and academically sound.

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