Mission & Vision


The Institute for Muslim Mental Health is committed to optimizing emotional health and well being through research, education, training, and a network of mental health professionals to serve the community.  

About Us

Our History

Since 2006, the Institute for Muslim Mental Health (IMMH) has been mobilizing mental health professionals interested in caring for Muslims to exchange resources, disseminate original research on Muslim mental health, trained professionals and community leaders, mentored students and young professionals, and connected American Muslims to mental health services.

Our Mission & Vision

Our broad vision is the long-term mental health and well-being of Muslim communities supported through preventative interventions and education which is accessible, culturally relevant and academically sound.

Our Programs & Services

Research - Our Institute is dedicated to conducting, supporting and promoting research that assists mental health professionals better understand mental health challenges of the Muslim community.

Networking - Muslim Mental Health Professionals and Mental Health Professionals of Other Faiths are critical to providing culturally and religious sensitive mental health services to Muslims. Our institute has annual conferences as well as on-the-ground networking opportunities for mental health professionals to network and exchange best practices and resources. 

Training - The Institute provides training to Muslim mental health professionals, mental health professionals of all faiths, chaplains religious scholars, community leaders to best understand and meet the mental and emotional health needs of the Muslim community.

Resource Development - Our Institute prides itself on the ability to help produce, promote and support the development of critical educational and community resources to meet the mental health and emotional health needs of the Muslim community.

Our Core Values

The Institute of Muslim Mental Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to its CORE mission: Community Outreach, Research, and Education