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June 6th, 2020

The Institute for Muslim Mental Health (IMMH) unequivocally denounces the systemic racism, anti-Black violence, and structural inequalities that have been embedded into the fabric of our nation since its founding....

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Exploring the Darkness: Self-Harm and Drug Use in Muslim Youth

By neonadmin | September 1, 2019

Stigma surrounding mental health is something that every community deals with, even in this current day and age. These stigmas are even more pronounced in traditional religious communities where mental illness gets chalked up to supernatural entities. As a result, many individuals in Muslim communities, especially the youth, do not get the attention they need in order to properly and safely tackle mental health issues. Two issues that are relevant in the lives of many Muslim youth today are self-harm and substance abuse. These two issues, already a serious global health and medical problem affecting people of many backgrounds, are highly stigmatized within Muslim populations. This leads to a lack of self-reporting and subsequently, a lack of treatment for those harming themselves physically or through repeated drug use.

Mapping Muslim Mental Health Research Globally

By neonadmin | July 1, 2019

The global Muslim community continues to grow. By 2030, the Muslim population is expected to reach 2.2 billion of the world’s population. The gap in mental health care services is seen across communities, and a major part of the challenge is how to deliver culturally relevant care. For many Muslims, integrating spirituality and religious tradition is an integral part of maintaining emotional health. As such, limited but emerging Muslim mental health (MMH) literature is beginning to describe the emotional health needs and models of managing mental health care issues.

“Here For You” – Naseeha Mental Health

By neonadmin | July 1, 2019

For Naseeha Mental Health, ‘here for you’ is more than just a social media hashtag.  It reflects Naseeha’s nearly 15-year presence as the first line of contact for mental health services for the North American Muslim Community. 

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